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Current Price $21.95 November 30, 2022
Highest Price $23.95 October 18, 2022
Lowest Price $21.95 November 17, 2022
Since October 18, 2022

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$21.95 November 17, 2022
$23.95 October 18, 2022
small Mark Schwarz
hdmi switcher with audio outs

Hdmi Switcher With Audio Outs This is a simple HDMI switcher that has audio outs. It can be used to connect a TV to an audio output, or to connect a sound system to an audio output.

1: Do any hdmi switches work with chromecast ultra ?

Yes, some HDMI switches work with chromecast Ultra.

2: Are there any smart hdmi switches ?

available There are a few smart hdmi switches available, but they are not as widely available as the traditional hdmi switches.

3: Show me how you hide your usb hdmi switches ?

There are a few ways to hide usb hdmi switches. One way is to use a piece of cardstock or a piece of paper to create a small hole in the bottom of the switch. Then, you can place the switch inside the hole. Another way is to use a piece of electrical tape to attach the switch to the bottom of a USB port.

4: Which of these hdmi switches do you suggest ?

The AVR-HX8500 is a good option for a hdmi switch.

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