Pro Wax Hot Wax Machine

Pro Wax Hot Wax Machine
Pro Wax Hot Wax Machine

Pro Wax Hot Wax Machine

Pro Wax Hot Wax Machine



Do hair expulsion at domestic with the assistance of this waxing pack, giving your skin a smooth. Used to spoil, smooth and recharge hand, feet, and elbows with fragrance based treatment paraffin wax and delicate heat. As a result, the hair sheds actually and the regrowth is inhibited.



 Includes the stainless steel pot with great warm conductivity can soften the wax in as it were 10 min.


Natural and skin-friendly wax beans, which expel 90 percent of hairs you need at one time.


 Waxing sticks assist you wipe the wax on your skin consistently when utilizing the waxing heater. ALL AREAS Leave your skin smooth and assist you to expel hair from arms, legs, underarms and swimming outfit are.


Make beyond any doubt the skin is completely clean some time recently use. Put an suitable sum of wax beans into the pot. Plug it in and turn on the control to warm wax beans until they are totally liquefied for approximately 20 - 30 minutes, make beyond any doubt the temperature is appropriate for you. Spread a layer of wax taking after the hair development course with a adhere, covering little zones of 15 - 18 square centimeters that you simply need depilate, and the thickness of spreading wax ought to be among 0.2 to 0.5cm to ensure its utilizing result. Wait for a couple of seconds until the wax has got difficult at that point peel it off rapidly. After cleaning, utilize a moisturizer without scent to do rub for the smoothest skin.


If you don't mind Don't test the temperature of the wax together with your finger but utilize apparatuses, the warmed wax can be greatly hot and may cause burns. DO NOT utilize on delicate skin. TURN OFF the control some time recently cleaning the machine.


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