Massage Slippers

Massage Slippers
Massage Slippers

Massage Slippers

Massage Slippers:


It could be a reality that the larger part of people experienced the foot torment one way or another. Typically so since; such people don’t deliver appropriate consideration to their feet. Presently such troublesome looking issue can be minimized by the utilize of the Knead Shoes. The Telebrands imaginative Knead Shoe is essentially outlined by the amalgamation of the old science of acupressure to modern level advanced innovation. The shoes utilize Reflexology innovation to recuperate or make strides the capacities of the body by putting a certain sum of weight beneath the feet zones. Each zone of the feet compares to a particular body work.

How to use the Massage Slippers?

The slippers are very easy to use. You just have to insert the feet in the slipper just like the other ordinary slipper. After that you can use it like the other slipper to move and walk on the ground. It is recommended to use the slipper continuously for 10-20 minutes in a day.

Extra Highlights of the Rub Slippers:

The slippers are exceptionally simple to utilize. You fair have to be embed the feet within the slipper rather like the other standard slipper. After merely can utilize it just like the other shoe to move and walk on the ground. It is suggested to utilize the slipper ceaselessly for 10-20 minutes in a day.


Makes a difference in excretion of poison substances, progressing your health Increases vitality levels Develops a positive mental outlook Improves concentration Improves assimilation.

Technical Specification of the Massage Slippers:

Fabric: High-quality Rubber. Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 4 cm (L x W x H). Weight: 500 Grams. Recommended for Sort of Skin: Normal. Available Color: Black.


Vouchers acquired are substantial until the 15th of Eminent 2015 An person may buy up to two vouchers.Voucher is substantial as it were for one Silverline Knead Slippers. Voucher holders can collect the item from office at 323, Galle Street, Colombo 04. Voucher holders must create a printed duplicate of the voucher at the point of redemption.






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